L410 UVP
Serial NumberDate of
Total Time
Since New
Date of
Major Overhaul
8106211st Jun 19816 816 hours 1987  
Date of Last Overhaul 1987

TSN 6816 Hrs

TSO 3560 Hrs

CSN 5674 Ldgs

CSO 2579 Ldgs

Engine M-601D


Year of Manufacture 1990

Date of Last Overhaul L/H 1996

Date of Last Overhaul R/H 1995

TSN 303 Hrs

TSO 1476 Hrs

Propeller V-508

Year of Manufacture L/H 1989

Year of Manufacture R/H 1990

L/H TSN 3180 Hrs

R/H TSN 5055 Hrs

L/H TSO 2093 Hrs

R/H TSO 945 Hrs

Standard Avionics Configuration

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