Flight Data Recorder Reading System
The FRRS system replays data from various types of flight data recorders and copies it to a computer hard disk, allowing rapid data analysis for safety and maintenance purposes. The main advantage of the system is the new way of tape based FDRs operation. Now, we offer you a complementary tool allowing data download from your FDR with the same simplicity, as only Solid State FDRs have had so far.
The system is offered in two versions:
  • laboratory version, assembled in a standard 19" crate which can support several recorder types, copies data to your desktop PC's a data analysis in common format
  • a portable PC system which can be used onboard the aircraft, and is to operate with a single selected recorder type
Just connect your recorder to FRRS and the system will do the rest: play the tape, copy data and convert the data into relevant format for analysis. Each FRRS version may be powered by our ATM-FDS software package to provide full data analysis. The system is extremely user friendly, with all functions menu selected. The multi-track replay facility significantly reduces download time from the recorder, depending on recorder type. The FRRS is the most cost effective solution for the reel to reel record and replay systems being used today. An investment in the FRRS will give the user a faster replay and analysis turnaround, and with the FRRS portable version ......... recorder removal is no longer necessary.
Exists reading possibility from following recorders:
  • Solid State FDR's:
    • Loral/Fairchild F1000 (by PDU)
    • Sundstrand SSFDR
  • Optical QAR's:
    • Teledyne OQAR
    • Penny & Giles OQAR
  • Tape Based FDR's and QAR's:
    • Loral/Fairchild F800
    • Lockheed LAS209
    • Plessey PV1584
    • Penny & Giles QAR (by P&G DRU)
    • Sundstrand FDR/UFDR
    • BUR-1 (ZBN-1)
    • MSRP-12 (DUMS)
    • MSRP-64 & 256 (MLP-14-5, MLP-14-6, KBN-1)
    • TESTER U3-L & U3-2
    • PrNK 54 (MLP-14-3)
  • Under special customer's request:
    • others, specified by a customer
Product support:
  • ATM provides full customer support including:
    • installation
    • training
    • telephone and on-site service
    • application development and solutions for special requirements
  • Configurability in the following areas:
    • Logical Frame Layouts
    • Operator configurable video output
    • Input handling capability for various flight recorder types
    • Single or multi-track download
    • Full control over the recorder during data replay
    • Possibilities of data replay and analysis onboard
    • Free choice of selecting the flight section for data analysis
Data export:
Data export to FDS and other programs.
  • Data archiving:
    • Archiving of flight data compressed and in original format
  • Limited access:
    • Password protection
    • Optional flight identification and crew security
    • Data viewed in engineering units in numeric representation
Portable Systems are equipped in Laptop IBM Think Po 390 E with following parameters:
  • Processor Celeron 400MHz;
  • 12,1 Dual Scan screen;
  • RAM 32 MB;HD 3200 MB;
  • FDD 1,44MB;
  • CD-ROM

On customer application, We can install any laptop IBM Think Po 390 series.