System FDS (Flight Data Service)
The FDS Flight Data Service System is a PC oriented data replay and analysis system developed to give users the greatest level of flexibility and configurability possible. The system is designed to make flight data replay and analysis easier and is dedicated to improving flight safety and increasing economic results. FDS has nine years of constant development and improvement behind it in order to achieve a productive replay and analysis system for flight data supervisors. The system is easy to operate. All functions are menu selected with on-screen help.
FDS system is the most powerful and flexible PC computer based flight data processing avionics software package on the market.
  • Direct and fast read-out many sources of flight data
  • Possibility of processing data reply from any kind of aircraft
  • Automatic Flight Data Analysis - fully specified by the user
  • Graphic and numerical data presentation
  • 3D reconstruction of flight path and aircraft attitude
  • Full flexibility in fleet description and data format
  • Automatic backup system for flight data archiving
  • Data compression
  • Automatic identification of eight flight phases
  • Macro commands - automation of data analysis
  • On-line data displaying
  • ETOPS analysis - analysis of distances to ETOPS airports
  • Export data to SAGE (by G&E), APM (by Boening), ECM II and ECTM IV (by P&W)
  • Export to FDB
  • Copy data to and from disks/diskettes
  • Printer compatibility
  • Full non-authorized data access protection
  • Networking
  • Data transport to mainframes
  • 3D flight animation + on-board instruments
  • Export of analyses to other software packages
  • Possibility of improper data filtration
  • Virtual and recursive channels - channels defined by connecting
  • Storage of aircraft data in Microsoft Access mdb format (FDS windows version) real channels with arithmetical functions and equitation's.
Direct readout
Direct readout from many kinds of Flights Data Recorders and Quick Access Recorders. Available systems:
  • Solid State FDR's:
    • Loral/Fairchild F1000 (by PDU)
    • Sundstrand SSFDR
  • Optical QAR's:
    • Teledyne OQAR
    • Penny & Giles OQAR
  • Tape Based FDR's and QAR's:
    • Loral/Fairchild F800
    • Lockheed LAS209
    • Penny & Giles QAR (by P&G DRU)
    • Sunstrand FDR/UFDR
    • BUR-1 (ZBN-1)
    • MSRP-12 (DUMS)
    • MSRP-64 & 256 (MLP-14-5, MLP-14-6, KBN-1)
    • TESTER U3-L, & U3-2
    • PrNK 54 (MLP-14-3)
Automatic analyses
Powerful and flexible Automatic Analysis System (based on predefined rules) which can be fully redesigned and modified by your staff using an easy to learn and easy to operate context editor. You can follow events during the flight, as well as make computations related to flight progress. New knowledge about the aircraft, the engine or flight requirements may at once be entered into the system.
We can also offer you ready to use and certified predefined rules for automatic analysis for the following aircraft: ATR-72, A-300, B-737, B-767, Tu-134A, Tu-154M, Tu-204, Il-62M, Il-76, PZL Mielec, An-28, Skytruck and the PZL Swidnik made helicopter "Sokol". Other sets are available according to customer requirements.
Manual examination of flight data
Manual examination of data as a function of time graphical and numerical form as well as the correlation of two different data channels. 3D reconstruction of path and aircraft attitude are also available.
Export data to external software system
FDS can collect data records and transfer them to the performance monitoring and analyzing software. FDS supports the following systems: SAGE (by G&E), APM (by Boeing), ECM II and ECM IV (P&W P&W Canada).
Supporting Flight Data Base for Windows
All results of automatic analyses can be transmitted to the another ATM product - Flight Data Base for Windows (WinFDB).FDB is a tool for statistical analysis and trend monitoring of analysis records. FDB represents the new generation of ATM software systems - working under MS Windows.
Product support
ATM provides full customers support including:
  • installation
  • training
  • telephone, internet and on-site service
  • application development and solutions for special request
Hardware requirements
  • IBM compatible PC computer
  • MS Windows 95/98/NT, Dos
  • RAM 16Mb - minimum
  • Printers: any type
  • Interface card: An interface card is required to connect the replay device to computer. Cards for various devices are available.
Data flow in FDS

FDS functions:
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