Solid State Quick Access Recorder
The ATM's SSQAR was the first fully electronic, solid state Quick Access Recorder. This unique solution with a RAM based removable cartridge has been developed to give the user high quality of data recording and an extremely fast data replay. Its design allows a wide range of different applications with most major recording systems in civil and military aircraft, helicopters and gliders. Programmable and able to make on-line analyses, the SSQAR can operate not only as a signal receiver, but can display and export warning signals indicating previously programmed parameter accidences. The SSQAR offers all these features at a competitive price.

To meet user's demands the SSQAR is offered as a family of recorders consisting of:
  • ATM-QAR3
    the most sophisticated modular type
  • ATM-QR4
    the low price modular type
Quick Access Recorder ATM-QR4 technical description
List of aircraft types, the ATM's SSAQR has been already mounted on:
  • commercial aircraft:
    • Airbus A-310
    • Boeing B-737
    • Boeing B-767
    • ATR-42
    • ATR-72
    • PZL-M28 Skytruck
    • Ilyushin IL-62M
    • Ilyushin IL-76
    • Ilyushin IL-96-300
    • Tupolev Tu-154M
    • Tupolev Tu-204
  • military aircraft:
    • PZL-I-22 Iryda
    • TS-11 Iskra
    • PZL-130TC Orlik
    • Suchoi Su-22 M4
    • Mig-29
  • helicopters:
    • W-3 Sokol
  • gliders:
    • Swift S1
    • Fox
Features of the family:
  • SSQAR unites internally the function of:
    • Quick Access Recorder
    • Data Acquisition Unit
    • Signal Spectrum Analyzer (built-in FFT algorithm)
    • Data Management Unit (programmable reports) depending on installed options
  • Data and power transmission:
    • Contact less transmission between recorder and cartridge
  • Recording time:
    • Recording time depends on the cartridge size and data format
Type of cartridge
Capacity of cartridges
Recording system ARINC 717
64 words/s
128 words/s
256 words/s


3 MB





7 MB









  • Data readout:
    • Data replay from the cartridge is performed by ATM-RD3 reader; full operation, using a PC -compatible computer, takes 2 - 3 minutes (including decompression) for 25 flight hours
  • The basic components:
    • Built-in real time clock
    • Display for recorder status and on-line programmable flight data analysis
    • Data output for external equipment
    • Interface for Entry Panel
    • Test Connector for data monitoring and cartridge dump
  • The optional components:
    • Digital Input Module for major avionic standards
    • Internal DAU
    • Programmable Fast Fourier Transformation Block
    • Internal Input/Output Module, made to order