System contains:
ATM-DA1 – Block of signals collecting and transformations from sensors and devices placed on aircraft.
ATM-EP2 – Control panel for input basic flight data (flight No., date, starting weight, etc.) placed in cockpit.
In the beginning “DEDAL” system had to replace outdated Russian production system – BUR-1 (placed on transport aircraft PZL-M28" SKYTRUCK”, his military modifications “BRYZA" and on Czech production civil aircraft - L-410 "TURBOLET" as well as on Polish helicopter PZL-W-3A" SOKÓŁ").
In consequence of current information analysis (information about devices work installed on aircrafts) and from Polish industry and his further plans point of view - project BUR-1 had to be modified. Participation in modification had Committee Of Scientific Research. Next questions: Is BUR-1 system compatibility with Western standards? In order to receive Western certificates for polish aircrafts, BUR-1 system had to be urgently modified.

System "DEDAL" (Technical description) from beginning was designed according to Western standards such as:
  • ARINC 404A;
  • ARINC 717;
  • ARINC 429;
  • RTCA DO-160C;
  • Requirements ICAO.
Devices getting in " DEDAL" system, realize high present requirements.

DEDAL advantages:
  • Compatibility with Russian and Western production sensors;
  • Standard - inputs to connection with GPS receivers or modern aircraft instruments - EFIS;
  • Special measuring systems to gaining indispensable information for safe exploitation;
  • Ergonomic, allowing on maximum pilot relief (from redundant operation point of view: e.g. built-in Real time clock);
  • Possibility of cooperation with a lot of “Western” and “Eastern” crash recorders;
  • High thoroughness of measurement signal value - from added sensors;
  • Possibility of programming measurement parameters of individual signals by users (e.g. sampling frequency);
  • Possibility of view recorded signal values - during real time (so-called. "On-line" mode);
  • Possibility further modifications (e.g. by adding pack junctive with data rail MIL-1553B).
  • "DEDAL" system possesses modern module structure allowing on adapting device to specific customer requirements. Contains a lot of unique (in country scale) constructional solutions. Range of recorded information and her quality makes possible conversion aircraft maintenance to “On Condition” procedure. This solutions allowing on prolongation of exploitation period and reduce costs. However the most important is increase flight safety.